School Partnership Toolkit

What is IGD’s School Partnership Toolkit?

This is an industry-wide Toolkit of free resources and best practice to help companies reach out to local secondary schools, and deliver impactful employability workshops with students, as part of their school relationships.

The content available provides opportunities for companies to talk about their people, organisation and careers. It includes:

  • Best practice guide to communicate with schools
  • Guidance on safeguarding and child protection so you know your responsibilities
  • Facilitation training to help build confidence when delivering activities with students
  • High quality and impactful workshop materials for you to use with students
  • Online form to enter a summary of the student, teacher and volunteer feedback so we can measure the programme’s quality and impact, as well as support your company’s reporting needs.

Participating companies benefit from:

  • Consistent and measurable activities being delivered in schools across sites
  • Impactful workshop content that helps change the perception of careers within the food and consumer goods industry with young people and teachers
  • Enhanced employer brand locally with opportunities to communicate the breadth of roles and opportunities available
  • Opportunities to develop a talent pipeline for the future and to support communities in a meaningful way
  • Take ownership of and drive forward all school relationships

What commitment is required?

This is an industry-wide Toolkit, so it is important schools know the content you’re delivering has been provided by IGD, to avoid duplicate activities being delivered with the same students.

Companies are required to:

  • Take ownership of and drive forward all school relationships
  • Keep IGD informed of when you plan to use the Toolkit resources in school
  • Enter a summary of the completed feedback into the Toolkit

How do I find out more?

Please contact IGD’s Employability Programmes Manager to discuss access to this free resource for your company:

E: [email protected]

T: 01923 851 970

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