Plenty of research suggests that companies that are inclusive and diverse will prosper. Inclusion helps drive community spirit, social cohesion and fosters talent so everyone can be the best and most authentic version of themselves. Our new research Inclusion in Food and Consumer Goods builds on, Diversity in Food and Grocery, released in 2019 with The MBS Group and in association with PwC. We’re helping businesses on this complex journey with insights, free events and industry networks with the full knowledge that to accelerate we must embrace it in all parts of our businesses and tackle it in a multi-dimensional way.

Inclusion and Diversity, Benchmark your progress and build your plan – published 2020

Given the challenges 2020 presented to our industry and the wider community, important areas, such as inclusion and diversity could have easily fallen down the organisational agenda. However, our recent research into diversity and inclusion in the food and consumer goods industry clearly demonstrates that the commitment and energy to make tangible progress remains. Our new research builds on the report, Diversity in Food and Grocery, that we released last year. This latest research is part of our commitment to help businesses in our industry on this complex journey, through insights, free events and industry networks.

Role Models in Consumer Goods and Grocery – published 2020

We are proud to have joined forces with The MBS Group to launch Role Models in Consumer Goods and Grocery, an inspiring and comprehensive report championing role models in our industry. This collection of conversations features more than 70 leaders from across the sector who are driving or inspiring progress in Inclusion and Diversity.

Benchmark and Build your Inclusion and Diversity Plans: Panel Discussion

Kickstarting your inclusion and diversity plans in 2021? Need support and inspiration to move your I&D strategy forward? Watch our recording of a live panel discussion and Q&A session. Learn from practical advice, best practice, and IGD’s benchmarking data on inclusion and diversity in our industry.

Ten steps for a more inclusive and diverse workplace

Extracted from the 2019 report

Inclusion case studies from the food and consumer goods industry

Diversity in Food and Grocery – published 2019

An in-depth report from the MBS Group, IGD and in association with PwC

This report is the first of its kind in the food and grocery industry. Drawing on data captured from over 200 companies, and conversations with more than 100 Chairs, CEOs and Human Resources Directors, it aims to paint a true picture of diversity and inclusion in the industry and to highlight examples of practices being implemented to achieve greater diversity.