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Our charitable work drives and defines us

We are a training and research charity for the food and grocery industry that undertakes research for the benefit of the public. We educate and develop people working in, or looking to join, the food and grocery industry. We create public benefit through sharing best practice and research about the food industry.

We channel our expertise into a wide range of training and research initiatives designed to meet our charitable objectives.

Meet our Trustees and senior leadership team.

Our industry groups bring companies and people together to tackle the major challenges faced by shoppers.

Insight and research services

Plug into the latest trends, news and business activities with Retail Analysis: a window on the world of retailing.

Insight into shoppers' attitudes, motivators and outlook. Created from dialogue with over 25,000 British grocery shoppers.

All the supply chain insight you need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

Latest food and grocery industry analysis

Nick Miles, our head of Asia-Pacific, examines the key themes affecting the Australian grocery retail market and influencing retailers’ strategies this year.

As supply chain teams shrink and there is less time for training, how do you keep their skills up to date? Give your supply chain training more impact with our infographic based on our recent research.

Our research reveals that 85% of shoppers are making some attempt to improve their diets throughout the year. Retail analysts Laura and Maddie look at how retailers and suppliers have been responding to these shopper needs as we start 2018.

A large proportion of shoppers are buying food-to-go as part or all of an evening meal. Rhian Thomas examines the opportunities this generates for suppliers and retailers.

The UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019. It’s now just a year away and the exact nature of the country’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU is still unclear. In this report, our chief economist James Walton has examined the present situation and possible challenges ahead

In this report IGD and the Consumer Goods Forum look at ten areas to consider as you prepare for the physical store of the future.



Charitable initiatives

Learn how we bring industry volunteers together to inspire the next generation with the skills they need and prepare them for the world of work.

Learn how we collaborate with organisations throughout the food and grocery industry on education and research initiatives to encourage healthier eating across the UK.

Learn how our workgroups are improving the supply chain through collaboration on education and research initiatives to fulfil shopper wishes better, faster and at less cost.

Learning and Development

Conferences and Events

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