Online Store of the Future

Grocery retail is seeing an unprecedented amount of change and it's just beginning.
Retailers and manufacturers must respond now, to succeed in the future.

UK's online grocery market will
grow 51% by 2023

7.9% of total market

America's online grocery market will
grow 149% by 2023

3.5% of total market

China's online grocery market will
grow 286% by 2023

11.2% of total market

Three key questions

  1. What will the online store of the future look like?  
  2. How do you prepare for the future?
  3. What are the future considerations for your business?

To explore these questions, IGD has interviewed global heads of ecommerce at grocery manufacturers and some of the world’s leading online retailers.

We also conducted an industry survey to test our vision and understand levels of preparation. We had 223 respondents from 42 different markets, from senior roles, including CEOs, vice presidents and directors.

We’ve drawn on the knowledge of IGD’s global team of experts in online shopper insight, online, technology and supply chain.

The online store of the future will contain five key features:

It will be a shopper’s personal micro store with individualised and online exclusive products, personalised promotions, recommendations, advertising and loyalty schemes.

It will act as a smart personal assistant, connecting with various devices, preventing shoppers from running out of products and supporting their lifestyle goals.

It will be more efficient for shoppers, easier and quicker to order products.

It will help give shoppers a frictionless combined offline and online shopping experience.

It will at times be invisible, with shoppers buying products from shoppable digital content. In the future, people can be shopping at any time.

Read more about the features and the ten areas companies need to focus on to prepare. 

Change or fail

Grocery retail is seeing an unprecedented amount of change,
driven by changing shopper expectations that can be met using transformative technologies.

Prepare for the future

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"This report sets out a clear, consumer-centric vision of tomorrow’s on-line shopping experience and gives us all something to aim towards. It ties nicely to the theme of this year’s Global Summit - Consumer Centricity in a Data-Driven World. And it highlights the importance of the CGF’s positive change agenda – such as using new technologies to deliver accurate product information on the digital shelf, designing out product and packaging waste, and retailer-manufacturer collaboration for growth."
Peter Freedman, Managing Director, The Consumer Goods Forum

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