Shoppers of the Future

Opinion-leading, health aware and socially conscious: meet the shoppers of the future
Future-proof your business now to win with shoppers in 2025

Three key questions answered by our research

What will be the key
shopper trends?

What will this mean for
retailers and manufacturers?

How can you capitalise
on the opportunities?

Shoppers of the future will:

Be time optimisers

The grocery shopping experience will have to work harder so shoppers can optimise and make the most of their time

Be more health conscious

Health and wellbeing will grow in importance with subtle differences owing to individual motivations

Be more individual

The shopper of the future will be open to a more personalised food and grocery experience, but only if there is a clear benefit to them with minimal effort

Be more experimental

Shoppers in the future will increasingly experiment with their shopping and meal preparation to broaden their repertoires

Be more socially conscious

Shoppers will want to make sustainable and ethical choices, but only if other needs are also satisfied (e.g. price, availability, quality). Companies will have to respond as shoppers redefine the rules of the game

Our research with today's shoppers has found that

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