Membership Terms

Date : 29 August 2012

Terms and Conditions of Membership

(in addition to those contained in the Articles of Association)


  1. Privileges of membership are detailed in the list of benefits at
  2. Corporate Membership covers all employees of the named member and subsidiaries specifically included in the calculation of the membership fee.
  3. Companies and their employees not covered by a membership fee are not members.
  4. All turnover figures provided are for membership fee calculation purposes only and are kept strictly confidential.
  5. Membership is effective upon acceptance of the application/renewal. We will write to you (usually via e mail) on receipt of application or renewal of membership and advise you whether your membership request has been accepted. For the avoidance of doubt any correspondence from you (including a signed application form, signed renewal form, renewal via is an offer to become a member of IGD on the Terms and Conditions of Membership, such offer being capable of acceptance or rejection by us.
  6. Membership fees are revised annually and will be notified to members in writing at the renewal.
  7. Any refunds due on resignation from membership are at IGD’s discretion.
  8. All membership fees are subject to VAT where applicable.
  9. Terms and conditions of membership may be revised from time to time and will be notified to members in writing.
  10. Company contact details, as provided by you, are held on a computer and are published in the Members’ Area on the IGD website. Your privacy is very important to you and us. We are therefore committed to protecting your privacy. Further details of the Privacy Policy are available on the IGD website
  11. You may not cancel, amend or withdraw an order or PO unless we have given our express written e mail of consent.


  1. Membership runs on the calendar year and fees are payable annually in advance. Renewal notification is issued in October. Any arrangements made above and beyond this are subject to specific payment terms
  2. The fee structure for the year is agreed by the IGD Board of Trustees and is non-negotiable.
  3. Fee payments not received more than one month after becoming due may result in lapsed membership and all benefits will be suspended until payment is received. IGD may request reimbursement of any membership discounts taken in that membership year.
  4. Membership is continuous until revoked in writing and acknowledged by IGD.


  1. Companies joining part way through the Membership year are required to join until the end of the following year and pay the relevant fee.
  2. Pro-rata fees do not apply to companies for whom membership had lapsed earlier in the year.
  3. IGD reserves the right to reject a membership application for any reason deemed appropriate.
  4. Applicants must ensure that all information provided is, to the best of their knowledge, complete and accurate at the date of application.
  5. Applicants must ensure that all information provided is, to the best of their knowledge, complete and accurate at the date of application. Where false or misleading information is provided, we reserve the right to terminate membership without refund.