Free learning
Free Learning

We offer free learning programmes to give everyone in our industry the same opportunity to build a great skills foundation.

Development courses and mentoring

New Starter skills course

An all-round introduction to the industry combining industry knowledge and personal skills.

New Manager Skills course - part 1

An introduction to the tools and insight needed to start your journey as a people manager.

New Manager Skills course - part 2

The next step for people managers to build your leadership skills.

Supply chain mentoring

A cross-company development opportunity for supply chain professionals.

Inclusion and Diversity Reverse Mentoring

A cross-company programme allowing a safe, collaborative space for open conversations.


Unlock the leadership blueprint

Explore three styles of leader and discuss how to elevate your leadership style to create impact in your team and beyond.

How to start conversations that make a difference

Shift your mindset from problems to solutions and create a plan for a conversation you’ve been avoiding in this interactive virtual event.

How to lead change with confidence

Challenge your mindset to embrace change and explore how change impacts you and your team with others at a similar stage in their career