Feeding Britain’s Future introduces new STEM workshops

Date : 04 April 2018

Feeding Britain’s Future is an IGD programme that provides employability skills training to secondary school students with the support of volunteers from across the food and grocery industry. This summer we’re introducing new science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workshops and we’re looking for volunteers from STEM roles across the industry to help inspire the next generation.

The aim of the new STEM workshops is to help raise awareness of the wide variety of STEM roles in the food and grocery industry. They’re aimed at Year 12 science and maths students and will be attended by volunteers from the industry with a STEM background who are now applying their training in industry roles like engineers, food technologists or food scientists.

We have been running workshops in schools since 2015 providing face-to-face training for Year 9 and Year 12 students to help them succeed in the world of work. Volunteers from the food and grocery industry help bring the industry to life showing students the variety of roles on offer.

If you are in a STEM-related role we would love to hear from you if you‘re interested in volunteering at one of these workshops.

Volunteering couldn’t be easier

In total, nearly 6,000 industry professionals from all sorts of different job roles have volunteered at workshops – all of which have provided exciting and inspiring insight into the food and grocery industry. This support is vital to success of the programme – so if you have already volunteered – thank you very much, we really appreciate your support.

If you haven’t signed up yet but feel inspired to get involved, volunteering couldn’t be easier. Anyone from the industry can volunteer – from boardroom to shop floor and there is no preparation required! The workshops run throughout the year and take place all over the UK. Find out more here.

Securing the future of the industry

Our industry has much to offer young people, with a diverse range of careers available and an infinite number of career development opportunities. Through Feeding Britain’s Future we’re spreading the word about the industry to students and helping to feed the talent pipeline to secure the future of the industry.

We’ve got another big target for this year – we’re aiming to training 11,000 students and your help to achieve it would be fantastic, so please sign up today!

Volunteering at a workshop takes no preparation, register your interest here.