IGD unveils new brand identity and sets out focus for the future

Date : 01 February 2021

IGD has unveiled a new brand and purpose, featuring a striking visual identity and narratives that tell the story of the organisation, as it sets out its vision for the future.

Featuring a new logo and bold new colours, the new visual identity reflects the dynamism of the industry that IGD sits at the heart of and underpins the organisation’s commitment to be a force for good.

With more than 100 years’ experience supporting the food and consumer goods industry, IGD has a unique role to play. Through its thought leadership, partnership approach and a heritage based on trust and expertise, the organisation connects, collaborates, and inspires industry, through an extensive and highly influential network that can both provoke and lead constructive debate.

The new brand has been used to strengthen the identity and understanding of the organisation’s two halves. Its Trading Company has been rebranded to Commercial Insight, while the Charity will now be known for its Social Impact. Together, through these two communities, IGD will achieve its purpose of working to drive change that makes a tangible difference for society, business and the individual.

Commercial Insight from IGD uses its in-depth understanding of the industry to uncover rich and visionary data and insights. Its aim is to provide objective, evidence-based analysis that leads to compelling and actionable insights and solutions, to help all customers navigate the challenges of an ever-changing industry landscape.

IGD reinvests the revenue generated through its commercial activities into delivering Social Impact. Here, the organisation addresses crucial social, economic and business issues, channelling its knowledge and collaborative approach into initiatives aimed at uniting and mobilising the whole food and consumer goods industry, motivating it to be a force for good.

Susan Barratt, CEO of IGD, said: “We’re delighted to reveal a new brand identity for IGD. Our new purpose and organisational narratives set out our clear vision for the future, allowing us to communicate this to our stakeholders and the wider industry.

“We wanted to adapt our identity and approach to reflect the huge changes that are continually happening across our industry and broader society. Our evolution brings together our two communities, Commercial Insight and Social Impact, which together drive change that makes a tangible difference for Society, Business and the Individual. This is the purpose of IGD and will be reflected in everything we do as an organisation, to support everyone within the food and consumer goods industry.

“Our ambition is for our purpose, of driving change to make a tangible difference, to become synonymous with IGD. We aim to tackle the big issues within our industry and society, to deliver true Social Impact.”

The IGD.com website has been rebranded in the new identity, which will also now be used through all Commercial Insight and Social Impact activity. 

The new visual identity, purpose and organisational narratives have been developed in conjunction with 1HQ Brand Agency, a global branding and creative design agency, following a year of collaborative work to define IGD’s purpose and vision.

Sarah Baldock, Marketing and Communications Director of IGD, said: “This is an incredibly exciting moment for IGD, our team and all our external partners and supporters. In spite of all the challenges thrown up by the last 12 months, this has been a brilliant example of how creativity and collaboration, across multiple teams and agencies, can still thrive in the virtual world. Our new brand and purpose positions us really well for the future, and we are excited to see how the next stage of the IGD journey evolves.”

Rachael Slaney, Managing Director of 1HQ, added: “1HQ has been delighted to partner with IGD over the past year to reposition the IGD brand, bringing it to life through a new visual identity, which clearly reflects the collective passion and expertise that IGD brings. The positioning and the visual identity have been designed to be brave, progressive and dynamic, representing the deep and genuine commitment of IGD to inspire the food and consumer goods industry, provoking positive debate and leading the response to ways in which the world is changing; all of which is grounded in long-established expertise and deep knowledge.

“This new purpose is driven through the heart of the IGD identity like an illuminating beam of light. Agile and dynamic when it needs to be, soft and caring where it truly counts.”


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Notes to editors:

  1. IGD is an organisation of two interconnected communities. The profits from Commercial Insight are reinvested into Social Impact, which together work to drive change that makes a tangible difference for society, business and the individual.
  2. Commercial Insight is delivered through six core areas:
    1. Retail Analysis – providing trusted data and insight, straight from the heart of retail;
    2. ShopperVista – providing insight that creates the foundation for progressive shopper and category thinking;
    3. Events – providing compelling experiences that connect people and ideas together;
    4. MarketTrack – the most trusted, rigorous market read in the retail sector;
    5. Supply Chain Analysis – providing answers and unlocking potential;
    6. Solutions – personalised solutions that address the critical customer and commercial challenges.
  3. Social Impact from IGD is delivered in four key areas:
    1. People – focussed on giving young people opportunities to develop their employability and life skills, and on building the knowledge and capability of food and consumer goods industry colleagues, to foster an inclusive and productive workforce;
    2. Health – nutrition experts use the latest research and behavioural science to develop practical tools that help the whole industry. IGD is collaborating with and inspiring companies to adopt best practice and implement change;
    3. Sustainability – focused on mobilising the industry to tackle climate change, reduce food waste, increase food surplus redistribution, develop sustainable packaging systems and accelerate the industry’s progress towards Net Zero;
    4. Economics – supporting better strategic planning and decision making, for the benefit of consumers, through economic analysis and engagement with policy makers.
  4. IGD’s new brand identity was developed in conjunction with 1HQ Brand Agency, a global branding and creative design agency. 
  5. All content is owned by IGD. If you use or refer to any content in this press release, please credit IGD