Productivity: Improving Connections

Event overview

This year we’re taking a closer look at improving productivity, offering a blended learning programme looking at how both social connectivity and mindset can have an impact when it comes to being productive. 

Join us for this 45-minute lunchtime webinar, and then if you can, attend one of the nationwide masterclasses to round everything up in April. 


As it becomes essential for everyone to master skills grounded in emotional intelligence, join us and neuroleadership specialist Deborah Hulme to explore the roles that relationships and social connections play in improving performance and productivity.

This webinar will help increase you be more productive by showing you:

  • how improving social connections positively impacts performance, wellbeing and engagement
  • how strengthening our networks and connections enhances performance and productivity
  • the basic principles for engaging others to build stronger relationships and connections
  • why improving emotional intelligence is so critical if we are to thrive in our changing environment

Meet the speaker

Deborah Hulme

Deborah Hulme, BSc, FIIC

Founder & Neuroleadership Specialist, Minerva Engagement

Deborah is an experienced organisational effectiveness and employee engagement professional with over 20 years’ experience of working on business transformations to deliver change and improve performance. 

She is certified in the foundations of neuroleadership, is an NLP practitioner, an accredited coach and  a fellow of the Institute of Internal Communications.

She provides strategic insight, direction and support at all levels, and works across organisations to agree, develop and implement strategies that impact behaviour, build trust and deliver high performance. 

On an international platform, Deborah is a highly respected speaker and facilitator on the topics of neuroscience, change, engagement, communication and leadership.