Evolution: Retail in the future near and far

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Event overview

How might this story of evolution unfold?

The supermarket in its current, familiar form has been around for decades on our high streets and, in more recent times, the outskirts of our towns; the supermarket’s ‘little sister’, the convenience store, is not much younger.  Yet both have weathered many a social and economic change and remained successful.

However, these well-established store formats are facing increasing challenges from all angles, among them: alternative retail styles; foodservice; unfavourable economics; emerging technologies and more.                                

So, what might the shape of grocery be in the future, perhaps five or even ten years ahead? This FREE evening masterclass gives you a look down the long lens, so that you can ‘futureproof’ your personal career development.  

Key learnings                                             

  • How are shoppers changing? What demands will they make of grocery industry in the future?
  •  What will retailers need stores to achieve in the future?   
  • How might emerging technology and design shape retail technology?  
  • What might retail evolution mean for the rest of the supply chain?                               
  • What skills will YOU need to make your future career a success?

Reasons to attend

  • All Leading Edge events are free to attend
  • Attending after-work training shows dedication to improving your own skills and progressing your career
  • There is a 30 minute networking session (with refreshments) at the start of the evening, giving you a unique opportunity to meet like-minded industry peers

Who is it for?

Our Leading Edge training is free and open to everyone working in the food and consumer goods industry - from graduates to senior managers! 

Our masterclasses are designed so that everyone has something to take away - they can be a great opportunity to refresh a subject that you are familiar with, but are also accessible to those new to a topic. 


Registration, networking and refreshments

Registration is open from 6:00pm, and delegates are encouraged to arrive promptly to take advantage of refreshments and networking with other delegates. Please collect your badge from the registration desk where someone will direct you to the refreshment area.

There is 30 minutes networking time before all Leading Edge evening masterclasses, between 6:00pm and 6:30pm. During this time you are encouraged to speak with your fellow delegates if you wish.

Main presentation

Events always include an opportunity for interacting with other members, for example carrying out activities in small groups or taking part in a quiz, however some are more interactive than others.

Our IGD speakers for this masterclass are Chris Kirkland and James Walton.

Chris Kirkland 
Senior Retail Analyst, IGD
James Walton
Chief Economist, IGD

Masterclass closes


Session presentations will finish at approximately 8:30pm

Meet the speakers

Chris Kirkand

Chris Kirkland, Senior Retail Analyst, IGD

Chris joined the retail team in 2015 and jointly conducts IGD's research and coverage on the UK multiples, focusing on the strategies being used to meet changing consumer needs.

Chris delivers a mixture of research outputs for IGD’s Retail Analysis service; using reporting, briefings and customised work to help retailers and suppliers adapt and grow.

Chris joins from AC Nielsen and brings six years of consumer insight experience across media and grocery retail. He holds a BA combined honours degree in French and German from the University of Bristol.

James Walton

James Walton, Chief Economist, IGD

James’ role at IGD is to help businesses anticipate and cope with the economic, geo-political, social and environmental factors they face.

Having joined almost 16 years ago, James has been IGD’s chief economist since 2004. He regularly speaks at international conferences and gives media interviews on the issues and trends affecting the consumer goods industry.

James works with clients across the supply chain as well as government departments and NGOs and is available for customised presentations and boardroom briefings.

Evolution: Retail in the future, near and far

Evolution: Retail in the future, near and far

19 Jun, Ramada Resort, Grantham, Marston (6.00PM-8:30PM)

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