How to start conversations
that make a difference

How to transform meetings


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At a glance

Great communication skills are a foundation of successful relationships and a powerful influencer of career success, but many of us avoid communicating when we feel uncomfortable or stressed.

1 hour

21 March, 12:00 GMT

Virtual event

Cost: Free


Whether you feel self-conscious asking questions or contributing to a meeting, or you need help and don’t know how to ask, this virtual event will give you the confidence to start having conversations that will make a difference to you and your career.

Communication takes practice, so in this session you’ll be supported by an expert as you hear from others as well as sharing your opinions in group discussions. Together, you’ll discuss shifting conversations from problems to solutions and explore how being proactive will get you noticed for the right reasons.

This interactive event will be led by Hayley Watts, Productivity Ninja at Think Productive. Hayley’s mission is to help people who have too much work and not enough time.

This event is a key part of the New Starter Skills course and is focused on developing your skills and supporting you at the start of your career.


What you’ll learn

How to start conversations that make a difference


During the session you will:


Discuss how to shift your mindset from presenting problems to offering ideas and options.

Create an action plan for a conversation you’ve been avoiding and acting on feedback.

Interact with other new joiners to the industry and have an opportunity to ask questions of our expert, Hayley Watts of Think Productive.


Why join live?


In our virtual events, you will spend some time being introduced to new skills or topics by an expert, but you’ll also have a unique opportunity to share experiences with peers from across the industry and work through activities in groups. This is especially important if you are in the first stages of your career.

You’ll come away from this event ready to use what you’ve learnt right away, whether that’s practicing a conversation or coming up with new ideas.


This event is right for you if any of the following apply:


You are a recent joiner to our industry. You may be taking part in our free New Starter Skills course, or have done so recently and want to continue                      to develop your skills and hear from peers from                  across  the industry.

You want to gain practical tips and insights that you can immediately put it into action to boost                  your career.

You are curious and proactive about building a great career and making an impact.

You would like to increase your industry network.