New Manager Skills Course - Part 2

New Manager Skills course - part 2

At a glance

In this online course, you will learn how to shape, influence and lead your team authentically, including and especially during times of change.


Duration: 6 hours

Dates: 22 April,
9 September

Format: Online,
plus webinar

Cost: Free

IGD certificate

This course works either as a next step in your journey following on from our New Manager Skills course – Part 1 or as a refresher for those who have a little more experience.


Why take this course now?

In a fast paced, fast changing world, it’s never been more important for line managers to be equipped with the awareness and tools to create a high performing team, and face into challenges with confidence.

You might recognise some of these common challenges:

“Main challenge as a line manager is not just to manage but coach and inspire my team.”

“I know I'm respected for my knowledge and experience. My challenge is trying to influence people who don't know me - how can I get them to have confidence in my abilities to lead a team?”

“The main challenge currently is the speed and amount of change happening within my organisation. This is leading to uncertainty about the best course of action to get things done and how to communicate that to the team.”

With this course, we’ll give you simple, practical, and relevant tools and guidance to help you feel more prepared and empowered as a line manager.


The experience

Over 6 weeks you’ll work through the resources and activities that make up each module of the course.


Giving you flexibility

The course is hosted on our learning platform, learnupon and you can access the resources anytime between the course start and end dates, meaning you can work through the course at a pace that suits you and your other priorities.


Helping you connect with others

A webinar is included in this course, in which you’ll have the opportunity to share experiences with peers from across the industry and hear from a subject matter expert. we will share more details about this nearer the time.


Celebrating success

Upon completing the course, you’ll receive an igd certificate, helping you to celebrate and share your achievement.


Is this course right for me?

Yes, if any of the following apply to you:

you have some line management experience and are looking to develop your skills and influence further using tools and techniques that you can apply straight away.

You’ve been managing others for a little while now but want some fresh ideas to reinvigorate your management approach.

You have already taken part in our New Manager Skills Course – Part 1 and are ready for the next step.


What if i don’t currently manage a team?

If you have no experience in managing others but are aspiring to do so in the near future, we recommend doing our New Manager Skills Course – Part 1 as a starting point.

If you don’t currently manage a team but have some previous experience and would like a refresher, then check this is right for you by looking at the topics covered below.


Does it matter what area of the business I work in?

No, this course is designed to be a broad introduction so is relevant to those working in any function within the industry. Hundreds of people from across the industry supply chain have completed this course already.


Will I have enough time to complete it?

We’ve designed this course to be flexible enough to meet the demands of busy people in our industry. You can work through the modules at your own pace across the 6 weeks, and it should take around 6 hours to complete. That’s around an hour of learning per week, which we have found is manageable for most people. It also helps if you can make your own line manager aware that you are taking part.

96% said they felt more confident and prepared to influence and lead their team

91% felt inspired by what they had seen on the course

89% plan to implement something they have learnt

The details

We update our courses regularly to ensure we have the most relevant and up-to-date topics, so the below is a guide on the key focus areas based on our 2022 course:


Learn how to find your own leadership style

Get clarity on your leadership style

Learn how to be an inclusive and empathetic leader

My Team:

Build a high performing team environment

Discover the ingredients of a positive culture

Understand how to create trust

Get tips on how to support your team’s wellbeing appropriately

Our work:

Lead your team effectively

Embrace and respond to change

Understand how to motivate individuals in your team

Develop your influencing skills, not just with your team, but thinking about your wider stakeholders

How has this course helped others?

It's developed my managerial and leadership skills to a new level.

This course has given me some great tips which I can use to help get the best out of my team so I can hit the ground running in my more senior post. This will minimise lost productivity whilst I find my feet.

Giving me the skills and knowledge to manage up as well as down and giving me the confidence to speak out. Some of the tools/templates will be great for creating meaningful discussions.


What happens next?

After signing up we will keep you updated with information about how to access the course. You will receive your log in details for our learning platform (LearnUpon) a week before the course start date.

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