New Manager Skills Course - Part 1



At a glance

This online course gives you the insight and tools that you need to start your journey as line manager with confidence and set your team up for success.


6 hours

Date:  19 August

Format: Online,
plus webinar

Cost: Free

IGD certificate awarded


Why take this course now?

Stepping up from team player to line manager is a significant step which requires both a mindset shift and a new set of skills to support you in taking on new responsibilities. You might recognise some of these common challenges:

“I have recently been given the opportunity to be a line manager with very limited training. I feel out of my depth...”

“The challenge for me is to find different ways to motivate and inspire the team, especially when we are very busy in our day-to-day roles.”

“Prioritising tasks, delegating responsibilities, and balancing workloads while meeting client expectations and considering team capabilities will be crucial for me to succeed.”

With this course, we’ll give you simple, practical, and relevant tools and guidance to help you feel more prepared and empowered as a line manager.



The experience

Over 6 weeks you’ll work through the resources and activities that make up each module of the course.


Giving you flexibility

The course is hosted on our learning platform, LearnUpon and you can access the resources anytime between the course start and end dates, meaning you can work through the course at a pace that suits you and your other priorities.


Helping you connect with others

A webinar is included in this course, in which you’ll have the opportunity to share experiences with peers from across the industry and hear from a subject matter expert. We will share more details about this nearer the time.


Celebrating success

Upon completing the course, you’ll receive an IGD certificate, helping you to celebrate and share your achievement.


Is this course right for me?

Yes, if any of the following apply to you:

You are taking your first step into line management and are looking for tools and techniques that you can apply straight away.

You aren’t currently leading a team but are aspiring to do so in the near future, so are looking to build your understanding of what it takes to be a great line manager.

You’ve been managing others for a little while now, but want some fresh ideas to reinvigorate your management approach.


Does it matter what area of the business I work in?

No, this course is designed to be a broad introduction so is relevant to those working in any function within the industry. Hundreds of people from across the industry supply chain have completed this course already.


Will I have enough time to complete it?

We’ve designed this course to be flexible enough to meet the demands of busy people in our industry. You can work through the modules at your own pace across the 6 weeks, and it should take around 6 hours to complete. That’s around an hour of learning per week, which we have found is manageable for most people. It also helps if you can make your own line manager aware that you are taking part.


94% said they felt more confident and prepared in their role as a line manager or to take on the role

89% felt inspired by what they had seen on the course

93% plan to implement something they have learnt

The detail

We update our courses regularly to ensure we have the most relevant and up-to-date topics, so the below is a guide on the key focus areas based on our 2022 course:


Develop your confidence as a manager

Understand the mindset of a leader

Develop your own management approach by reflecting on your purpose

Understand imposter syndrome and how to overcome real and perceived fears

This will be a 60-minute virtual event with Sam Redman of Sam Redman Consulting. To let us know you will be joining, please confirm your free place by clicking on the button below. All participants will also have access to a recording of the webinar:

My team:

Learn how to set up your team for success

Learn how to delegate effectively

Explore a framework for great communication with your team

Develop your coaching and feedback skills, including how to have difficult conversations

Get insights on how to activate minds in your team

Our work:

Explore how to get the most out of your team

Understand how to support your team to prioritise effectively

Learn about goal setting

Consider how to engage behaviours in your team

How has this course helped others?

I feel empowered and really feel this is a great step to making me a better manager in the business.

By better prioritisation and time planning, this will increase my effectiveness and alongside greater delegation will release time for me to focus on the team’s key deliverables.

It will help me get the best out of myself and my team which cascades into the business as we work more effectively together to hit our targets.

What happens next?

After signing up we will keep you updated with information about how to access the course. You will receive your log in details for our learning platform (LearnUpon) a week before the course start date.

New Manager Skills part 1 course 2024