Category Leadership

Category Leadership

10-11-12 September 2024

09:45-11:45 BST | Virtual

Workshop Overview

There are great category managers, great category teams but few category leaders. Great category insight and recommendations only deliver change if they are implemented. With many category recommendations and proposals available to the retailer; how do you ensure your gain traction?

We’ll help you ensure you and your team are leading the category conversation.

Suitable for experienced category managers who want to demonstrate their leadership capabilities and are eager to be at the forefront of change.

If you have attended our Advanced Category Management workshop, then this is the next step in your learning journey.

Learning outcomes

What does leadership look like and how to compare yourself with your competitors.

Steps to build an internal category vision and collaborate with retailers to make it relevant.

Discover how to manage your resources to deliver sustainable success, understanding your limitations and potential barriers.

Gain the process to prioritise who and what you work on to grow the category.


Brilliant course, really useful and engaging content and the exercises were fun and educational.

Solid source material, delivered well by an experienced trainer, alongside good engagement among delegates that stimulated discussion - lots of good interaction.


Day 1
Duration: 1hr 45mins

What does it take to be a leader? Understand the different types of leadership and how the highest levels are earnt. Uncover the traits of great leadership and what does that mean for category management.

Develop a full supply chain approach to category management. Understand the importance of driving efficiency and demand.

What are the foundations of a great category team? Understand the six areas of driving category capability.

Day 2
Duration: 1hr 45mins
A future vision

Understand a simple process for building a category vision for your business. Who should be involved and why you need one.

Understand the importance of relevance and how to build a collaborative strategy with the retailer from your category vision.

Building plans to deliver a strategy. Learn what it takes and the challenges and barriers to delivering the plan.

Day 3
Duration: 1hr 45mins
Successful collaborative

Resource can often be a barrier to being a successful leader. Learn how to prioritise your collaborative partnerships to deliver sustainable success.

Understand what you can and can’t do within your resources. Develop where you need to be and what to deliver to be successful.

Moving from now to being leaders. What does it take and what needs to be in place. Learn the importance of the equation of change.

Meet the trainer

Simon Attfield, Strategy & People Solutions Manager

Simon Attfield tutors on our open workshops and delivers bespoke Category and Shopper programmes. He has over 20 years' experience working in category management, shopper marketing and sales for FMCG companies such as P&G, Britvic, Clairol, and most recently leading the customer marketing team at Tata global beverages.

Simon Attfield