Advanced Account Management (Virtual)
Advanced Account Management
12-13-14 March 2024

09:45-11:45 GMT | Virtual

10-11-12 September 2024

13:45-15:45 GMT | Virtual

Workshop overview

Are you looking to the next step in your account management journey? This workshop will build on your skills and techniques from successful account management, to drive your plans and relationships further.

We’ll teach you how to extend your influence with your customer, how to optimise your proposals and create more chances to succeed. And when sales techniques aren’t enough how to deploy negotiation.

Through three virtual session you will have the chance to utilise tools and techniques, and role play in a safe environment.

Learning outcomes

Gain the tools to ensure better and effective account plans.

Build effective networks and communicating effectively.

Learn how to plan and undertake negotiations.

Feel confident in planning and hosting successful customer meetings.

Who's it for?

Those looking to further their career in account management, by building their strategic and collaborative skills. You are likely to of previously attended our Successful Account Management Workshop.



The online training will be delivered across three bite-sized sprints.

Day 1
Duration: 2 hours

The customer

Learn how to build strong relationships with each of your accounts and build networks beyond the buying team by understanding their roles and responsibilities.

Understanding different peoples’ styles and how you should respond to build strong constructive relationships.

Anticipating and overcoming objections. Balancing the benefits versus effort equation.

Day 2
Duration: 2 hours


Understand when to plan for negotiation and what the signs are that you should be moving from selling to negotiation.

What is the balance of power? Key steps needed to demonstrate power.

Understand the different variables to trade and their value to both parties.

Gain clarity on what success looks like for both parties and therefore understand the scope for success for both.

Understand techniques you can apply in your negotiation to ensure you reach a conclusion.

Act out a short negotiation in a safe environment.

Day 3
Duration: 2 hours

Business planning

What makes a great business plan? Understand the key dimensions and dynamics to consider when building your plan.

What are retailers looking for? Learn how to ensure that plans deliver benefits for all.

Understand how the drivers of performance should be considered in your plans to deliver KPIs. Driving demand and managing the route to the shelf.

Cause and effect with shopper behaviour, short term to medium term impact planning.

Assess the size of opportunities. Explore different techniques to help understand the value of the opportunity for you and the retailer.

Meet the trainer

Adam Jones, Commercial Solutions Manager

Adam works in the Commercial and Category Solutions team at IGD to deliver customised projects that accelerate business growth across commercial capability and category development. Prior to IGD, Adam spent the past ten years at Nestle across a variety of category, insight, and business manager roles, most recently leading the Sainsbury’s account for the Nestle Food and Dairy business.

Adam Jones, Commercial Solutions Manager, IGD