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Sustainability affects business resilience, reputation, finances and relationships. To help you understand the strategic importance of sustainability we’ve created a one-stop-shop information resource to assist you in rising to the challenges.

Our latest insight

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Sustainable diets: Helping shoppers

Sustainable diets: Helping shoppers

A free report into UK shoppers attitudes and motivations to adopting a more environmentally sustainable and healthy diet.

Download your free copy here

Securing future food supplies

Securing future food supplies

In such a volatile world, future food supplies cannot be taken for granted. This new guide to securing future food supplies covers 19 key food security issues and aims to help buyers and planners prepare for what might lie ahead.

Reducing Milk Waste & Energy Consumption

New Marlbrook evaporator: Reducing milk waste & energy consumption

This case study explains who Mondelēz International is, the challenges it has previously faced with milk evaporation and the steps it took to implement this project and...

Waste Prevention

Waste Prevention

Learn how to eliminate waste or redistribute surplus from your business with this free resource. Find out how to prevent waste, redistribute surplus food, and see how other companies are preventing...

Examples of how sustainability brings commercial advantages

Five examples of how sustainability brings commercial advantages

Understand how sustainability initiatives could yield huge commercial benefits for your business with these five examples of manufacturers and retailers...

Fast Facts

Need to know what the food & grocery industry is doing to become more sustainable? We have compiled a list of top line information on industry’s impacts, its targets and achievements.


Confused about sustainability terminology? Our handy glossary contains abbreviations, terms and clear definitions on a range of sustainability and CSR topics.

Industry CSR reports

Download CSR reports from a range of food & grocery industry companies including Tesco, Sainsbury's, P&G and Unilever.

In this section

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    From reducing environmental impact, to investing in communities, different companies interpret CSR in many ways. One thing they all have in common is recognising the need to act responsibly.
  • Sustainable diets

    Learn about the concept of sustainable diets and the challenges and potential solutions for industry, along with consumers’ understanding and expectations of a sustainable diet.
  • Greenhouse gases

    In competitive markets the most forward-looking businesses are using cutting greenhouse gas emissions to give them the edge. We look at how it's more than just acting responsibly.
  • Energy

    Our experts keep track of the latest trends and developments in energy efficiency from around the world. Discover the environmental and financial benefits through our case study resource.
  • Water

    Water is a precious resource, and many companies in the food and consumer goods industry are focusing more on the most water-efficient techniques. Our experts share the latest developments and best practice.
  • Packaging & waste

    Food waste is often in the headlines and packaging is under constant scrutiny. Our team of experts keep track of the latest trends and developments in product and packaging.
  • Ethical & social issues

    Leading companies are balancing the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social. We look at how companies are differentiating themselves on ethical and social issues.
  • Distribution

    The industry took 204m HGV miles out of the supply chain by, for example, sharing lorries and improving load fill. We share some tools and best practice with the world.
  • Working on Waste

    Working on Waste is a new initiative for companies to help consumers reduce food waste in their home. Over 100 organisations have already signed up...get involved with Working on Waste here.

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Sustainability Newsletter

Sign up to our free Sustainability Newsletter which gives you a summary of IGD's activities in the area of sustainability. It provides commentary and links to relevant key pieces of information for the food and grocery industry.

Sustainability reports library

We've brought together a sample of publicly available documents on sustainability that are of relevance to the food and grocery supply chain.

Environmental Sustainability Matrix

Environmental Sustainability Matrix

A free interactive PDF for the food and grocery industry to understand the interconnectivity of sustainability issues within the supply chain. 

Industry Sustainability Group

IGD's Industry Sustainability Group (ISG) was established in 2009 and looks at the development of insight and good practice on sustainability issues.