Identify growth opportunities

Inform your future business plans with research and insight specific to your business, channel, category, and customer needs.

Our global research network will gather intelligence specific to your business so you have the information you need to succeed.

We can help you understand:

  1. Future market performance and trends
  2. Truly understand the trends shaping your markets, know what’s driving them, where they are likely to go in future, and what that means for your business.

  3. How to influence your shoppers along the path to purchase
  4. Get to know your shoppers and the journeys they take when buying your brands and products. Learn the best points to engage with them along that journey to drive the greatest return from your investment.

  5. Global retail, channel and category best practice and innovation
  6. Be first to market with new initiatives and category execution by learning from global best-in-class examples and applying them to your business.

  7. How to improve shopper navigation both in-store and digital
  8. Grow your category with key customers by understanding and applying what shoppers tell us they want from your fixtures and ecommerce execution.

  9. How to unlock value from your supply chains
  10. Drive sales and reduce costs by exploring the latest supply chain innovation and best practice to uncover opportunities for your business.

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Other ways we can help you

Develop a winning, evidence-led strategy

We know what it takes to win in our industry, and we'll help you drive your company forward

Develop your team

Through interactive online and face-to-face workshops, we’ll help you develop a high-performing team