As we navigate through challenging times, how you adapt and revise your plans will determine your business’s future success. Despite the rapid pace of change, business and category planning is still vital for most organisations. However, future uncertainty will force you to challenge your usual approach and generates a range of questions that you will need answers to. The current working environment also adds a layer of complexity, making it difficult to engage directly with colleagues, visit stores for inspiration or work in your usual ways.

To help address some of these challenges, you can rely on our experts to provide extensive market, channel, shopper and customer insight specifically relevant to your business concerns.

We’re removing the physical barriers, by delivering our research to you virtually via easy-to-understand insight decks, one-to-one phone/video conferences or webinars for you and up to 50 colleagues. Giving you and your team the opportunity to ask the experts directly, unpick the insights and get instant clarification, in your own space.

Working remotely can also create difficulties bringing colleagues together to maintain the pace and momentum you need. If this is the case, let our facilitation experts help you. Adopting a virtual workshop approach, we will use a range of agile techniques alongside our ‘tried and tested’ business and category planning and future scoping models. Creating fast paced and motivating activity sprints that will help deliver your goals.


Tailored insight presentations

Using our extensive retail, shopper and supply chain research, we’ll deliver essential insights to help underpin your business and category plans. We’ll provide tailored presentations straight to your inbox that can focus on a range of subject areas:

  • Channel developments: With inspiration from innovative store concepts across the globe, plus insight on new and profitable channels.
  • The latest retail store developments: Including center store and front of store categories, the use of technology and automation, the best of formats and missions.
  • The latest attitudes of GB shoppers: Segmented by mission, channel, retailer, category and a range of themes including own brand, health and sustainability.
  • Best in class examples: Including category inspiration and execution from around the globe.
  • Strategic customer ‘deep dives’.

All insight presentations will include a one-to-one with the subject matter expert so you can delve in to the research with our support. Alternatively, we can present the outcomes via an interactive webinar.

Bespoke shopper research

Shopper research is used to optimise growth opportunities. By understanding the shopper journey, both online and in-store, we can identify unmet needs, barriers and levers in the purchase decision tree. By using technology, we continue, in the current environment, to answer client questions and deliver shopper research that provides superior feedback. We are able to carry out In-store research i.e. shop-along and mystery shopping, plus store visits, through our virtual solutions.

Online focus groups: Delivering a greater depth of understanding and fast turnaround via synchronous online video discussion. Product preferences and purchase decision trees are explored along with new product concepts and brand messaging. Plus we’ll run polling and whiteboard exercises online.

Shelf test (simulated in-store product display): Shoppers are asked to give feedback on their last shopping trip and are then shown the shelf test, which contains a typical display of your product/brand and competitor products. We’ll follow with a series of targeted questions. This can be run, either qualitatively within an online focus group, or as part of an online survey.

Online surveys: We run online surveys to validate, quantify and prioritise growth opportunities. A shelf test: can be part of an online survey, producing statistically valid numbers on shopper behaviours and product choice.

Online shopping research: Online shopping has grown in popularity and importance and is expected to become a more significant part of the ‘new normal’ following the current crisis. Through a combination of social listening and online community research techniques, including digital marketing analysis, we can help you better understand the online shopping journey.

NEW Stay Alert Predictive Survey: Our experts have developed a low-cost solution to help manufacturers see how shoppers are reacting to their brands now and how this might change as the industry evolves.

Recent research has shown that the Covid-19 environment has changed consumer behaviour and eating/usage occasions. Shoppers are now buying different formats of product to meet their new needs.

This survey identifies what is happening now, and if used as a tracker can measure shopper trends towards your brand.

As a result of this information, manufacturers will know exactly what they need to adapt and how they can quickly meet shopper needs. They will be able to identify what new behaviours will ‘stick’ and what they need to do in the new normal.

Expert remote facilitation

Using our remote virtual classroom technology, our expert facilitators can lead you and your teams through business, channel, category and customer planning. We’ll help you interpret opportunities and challenges for your business and category. And will work with you to create an actionable plan to present internally or externally to your customers. We can also help you create your trade strategy using a combination of our data and our unique customer segmentation/resourcing tools.


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Milos Ryba
Head of Retail Solutions

Nishel Theophanous
Shopper Solutions Analyst

Vanessa Henry
Shopper Solutions Manager