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Immerse into the world of shopper behaviour and uncover actionable insights that create future-forward thinking and enable your business to perform better.

Why invest in shopper insights?

bullet pointUnderstand your shoppers’ behaviours and what makes them choose your category or brand

bullet pointDevelop a long-term vision beyond current trading needs

bullet pointMake informed shopper recommendations

bullet pointLaunch innovations that drive incremental category growth

bullet pointDrive brand and category loyalty and customer market share

Shopper journeys are evolving and becoming increasingly complex. Shoppers are shopping in more channels, on more varied missions. Understanding the total shopper journey and the areas that shoppers are most engaged with, online and in-store, is key to developing a shopper marketing strategy that delivers commercial results.

Together we’ll deep dive into shopper behaviour to understand the path to purchase and what really motivates shoppers to buy. We’ll identify and address your biggest challenges and barriers to help unlock conversion opportunities and drive loyalty with your customers or retail partners.

Vanessa Henry, Head of Shopper Solutions, IGD

Vanessa Henry

Head of Shopper Solutions, IGD

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Why IGD?

Led by IGD’s team of global industry experts, IGD Solutions is the only tailored service dedicated to unlocking growth for retailers and suppliers that sits at the heart of the consumer goods industry. We are a trusted partner with unrivalled insight and foresight across the food and consumer goods industry and we’re in touch with food and grocery shoppers 365 days of the year.

Our ability to tap into this vast knowledge and network means we leapfrog some of the challenges other solutions providers face and get straight to the task at hand – driving growth!

We make a difference by giving our customers the ability to adapt to changing futures and meet tomorrow’s challenges.

How we’ve helped businesses in our industry

How we can help you

We take the essence of Commercial Insight from IGD and create personalised shopper solutions, taking a “just for you” approach. We’ll create a package of tailored market insights and bespoke shopper research that directly relates to your business, giving you the tools, you need to build successful strategies.

You leave the planning and facilitation to our experienced team of senior shopper and industry experts, who will manage all aspects of the project including regular client updates.

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Areas of expertise

In-store path to purchase

In-store path to purchase

We will help you explore the journey your shoppers take in purchasing your category and brands and uncover the phases of the in-store journey which drive the greatest engagement, so you can unlock future untapped growth.

Online path to purchase

Online path to

We’re experts in the online channel, with a proven track record in helping businesses discover actionable shopper insights, to harness this growing opportunity and optimise the online path to purchase.

Range and category optimisation

Range and category optimisation

We will help you understand why shoppers shop your aisle and range and help you identify priorities, make informed recommendations, and improve layouts to ensure you are supporting quick and easy purchase decisions.