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Join us on a Retail Safari and experience the latest trends, innovations, and insights of the retail environment.

Why go on a safari?

bullet pointUnlock new category insights

bullet pointInspire your team

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bullet pointIdentify new growth opportunities

Suitable for retailers and suppliers, each Retail Safari includes visits to the most impactful early adopters of technology and retail solutions. With opportunities for meetings too, learn directly from those leading best practice and understand how retailers are evolving their propositions to increase market share.

‘The meetings and conversations with store managers were so valuable! We discussed our operational challenges related to click&collect and learnt a range of solutions to improve our offering.’

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Stores of the Month

Stores of the Month

Tour Hotspots

We can take you and your team to the most advanced and innovative retail cities including but not limited to:

‘This tour has been so insightful! We would have never been able to find and visit so many unique and interesting stores in 2 days by ourselves.’

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Our 2022 Insights

  1. Technology
  2. Technological innovations are empowering shoppers and customer experience is a key priority. Successful retailers have introduced digital technologies that have low capital investment and are easy to update and rollout at scale. The increasing use of AI and ML will allow retailers to significantly advance their personalisation strategies.

  3. Partnerships & Creativity
  4. Experimental and exciting concepts will continue to dominate new format developments including in-store partnerships. These allow retailers to emphasis areas which are harder to replicate in the online environment. In-store farming, food theatre and provenance are among the tactics we will see more frequently.

  5. Sustainability
  6. Shoppers expect the FCMG industry to lead on key sustainability issues. Retailers will continue to implement solutions to reduce packaging, specifically plastic packaging, and food waste. They will progress with strategies to reduce their operating and supply chain environmental impact.

‘Having seen the most recent in-store bakery sections and product ranges, we have refurbished our fresh bakery propositions which helped us to compete with the leading discounter in our market.’

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We’ll tailor and create a tour to your needs

Leave the planning, scheduling and facilitation to our experienced team of retail experts. Every Retail Safari is unique, bespoke and fitted to individual requirements. We follow a 3-step approach to ensure every Retail Safari is what you imagined and more:

  1. Identifying your priorities
  2. We conduct a briefing session and then select the right location, stores, and concepts for you

  3. Leading your Tour
  4. Our IGD market experts will lead your programme of visits, sharing our market and retailer knowledge. Where relevant, we’ll introduce you to the teams on-site to facilitate discussion

  5. De-briefing session
  6. To summarise your experience and to maximise learnings from the store visits

‘Based on these flagship stores and new concepts, I can envision how my brand needs to be viewed and promoted in store.’

To find out more and discuss how a tour would run for you and your team, get in touch with our Retail Safari expert:

Milos Ryba, Head of Retail Solutions, IGD

Milos Ryba

Head of Retail Solutions, IGD


Based in London, I lead the Retail Solutions team. With a team of country and trend experts, we have guided supplier and retailer executives through the most innovative retail hubs in Europe, North America and Asia. We’re continually tracking flagship store openings to ensure you get to see the latest concepts in the market

Contact me to discuss retail safaris anywhere around the globe: [email protected] or
+44 (0) 7453 091898

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