Customised solutions: research

Research designed for you, delivered by industry experts

Our researchers in Europe, Asia and North America help consumer goods companies, retailers and service providers with research tailored to your needs, to help you better understand and plan for the evolution of markets, channels, customers and shoppers.

Our team of more than 40 experts are a unique blend of retail analysts, shopper insight specialists and supply chain strategists who will apply their knowledge and skills to help solve your business challenges.

Delivery is flexible to meet your brief and budget. We recommend mixed methodologies to get the best of IGD and to maximise impact for you.

Example activities

Case study: 
Saving shoppers time in c-stores

The business challenge

  • To explore the concept of time (value placed on time, c-stores vs other channels for time spent shopping)
  • How mission types differ by channel
  • How convenience is becoming a local hub beyond grocery

Our solution

  • 1,811 online diaries
  • 300 shoppers completing online diaries after each shopping trip
  • Accompanied shopping trips, observations

The outcome

“We were delighted to work with IGD on this project. We believe that time is becoming an ever more important part of the value equation and IGD worked with our brief to help us really understand the shoppers’ view on how they value their time. Drawing on their own extensive shopper data, and some specially commissioned research, IGD were able to provide new insight to demonstrate why, in our increasingly time-pressured lives, the convenience channel is such an exciting growth opportunity. The feedback from our stakeholders has been very positive and this project has helped us to provide real thought leadership.”

Jonathan Miller, CEO, McColl’s