As we start to move beyond the crisis phase of Covid -19, many organisations are starting to find order in the new world we will be operating in and are focusing on setting their business up for future success.

At this moment in time there are many unanswered questions organisations are wrestling with:

How are retailers going to change?

  • How will the channel mix change and what will be the impact on profitability?
  • Will reduced sku count become the norm?
  • What will the role of price and promotion be?
  • What will the impact be on future supply chains, e.g. automation, risk, operational efficiency vs choice?

How are shoppers going to change?

  • How will their relationship with brands and own label change?
  • How will they determine value?
  • What will be the impact on sustainability?
  • What new shopping habits will they adopt long term?

What do I need to consider from my business perspective?

  • What questions/insights do I need to help with scenario planning to inform budgeting?
  • What can we learn from previous recessionary environments?
  • How might I need to re-deploy resources in the future?

To address some of these strategic questions and any others you may have, let our expert team of Retail Analysts, Strategists and Facilitators use our extensive research to help you.

We can deliver our latest research and insight via a carefully curated presentation deck sent straight to your inbox and arrange an interactive webinar to present the content. Or we can facilitate a session with your wider team to deliver some clear immediate action plans or develop potential scenarios for the longer term.

Our facilitators will ensure your project moves at pace and motivates your team by adopting agile techniques with short activity sprints. The outputs will help inform your S&OP process and meet customers’ demands in both the short and long term.

We’ll use virtual solutions to deliver our ‘tried and tested’ future scoping and scenario planning tools. And facilitate in-depth sessions with your team to create robust post Covid-19 plans.


Bespoke insight presentations

Easy to understand and interpret insights that will answer your questions in these areas

  • Future shopper attitudes
  • Revised channel and retailer forecasts
  • Expected market and retailer responses to recessionary environment
  • Bespoke economic, environmental, shopper and market scenarios for your category

All insight presentations will include a one-to-one call with the subject matter expert. Giving you the opportunity to put your questions forward and get clarity where needed. Alternatively, we can present the outcomes via an interactive webinar.

Expert remote facilitation

Using our remote virtual workshop technology and unique future scoping/scenario modelling techniques, our expert facilitators will guide you and your teams towards clear results for your business.

We’ll work with you to unpick our research and insights, focusing on what it means for your business or your category. At end of the sessions you’ll have a clear and actionable plan to present internally or externally to your customers and set you up for success in the “new norm”.


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Ray Leung
Strategy Solutions Manager

Milos Ryba
Head of Retail Solutions

Alex Edge
Head of People Development Solutions

Vanessa Henry
Shopper Solutions Manager

Graham Dorrington
Head of Capability