Stay ahead of your competition by immersing yourself into the world of retail, supply chain, shopper behaviour and global best practice.

Retail Safari

Build your understanding of great category execution as well innovative store concepts. Our experts will guide you through the most innovative outlets from cities across the globe.

Market trend analysis

Build an immediate understanding of the trends and direction of market performance. Using our in-depth research, robust data and bespoke insight to create a tailored review.

Shopper path-to-purchase

Explore the journey your shoppers take in purchasing your brands and products. Uncover the most important points of engagement and influence to drive growth.

Fixtures of the future

Be led by shoppers to identify what your fixture should look like to drive overall category sales. Expert facilitated research debrief means you will have robust recommendations to share with key customers.

Supply chain

Shape the future of your supply chain strategy, explore the global market and uncover the potential opportunities for your business.


Take the lead in category execution by learning from best examples from across the world. Tailored to your focus areas we facilitate forward thinking.

Category channel

Understand the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities to drive the conversion of your category in different channels. Develop actionable plans that will drive growth for you and your customers.

Meet the experts

Our teams’ approach is flexible to suit your needs, budget and business culture. We ensure that all programmes focus not only on delivery, but also on engaging, embedding and evaluating, every step of the way.

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