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How IGD helped a leading manufacturer prepare for the post-Covid 19 trading environment


The challenge

Senior leaders from a UK based food manufacturer - operating in multiple categories, channels and markets - sought IGD’s help during their business planning process. The overall output would feed into strong and compelling customer account plans.

Whilst the manufacturer has a regular business planning cycle which they follow every year, they felt that building their strategies in the current environment, with so many unknowns, required a different approach.

The post-covid environment and remote working also made this process more challenging than before. The manufacturer needed our experts to help identify key areas of focus based on the ever-increasing amount of information available in the market.

Our team also implemented a process that brought multiple functions together to input their ideas remotely. All of which was used to create robust and impactful plans.

The solution

IGD provided global insights, structured support and expert facilitation to the manufacturer’s business planning process

  1. Global knowledge and insights that provided clear answers to the manufacturer’s strategic questions
  • Bespoke and curated research insights, hypotheses and future scenarios.
  • Opinion from IGD channel, retail and strategy experts
  • Insight Webinars & Q&A
  • Access to “ask the expert”
  1. Expert facilitation that helped the team create robust plans behind an aligned vision
  • Strategic facilitation by industry experts that challenged the team’s thinking and brought them together behind an agreed vision.
  • IGD insights and expertise were utilised to provide an external perspective.
  • Our team managed the process and structure so that teams could focus without the pressure of project or process management.
  1. Support in creation of customer specific stories
  • Using industry and retailer understanding, our team helped the manufacturer assess the partnerships they wished to develop. They used this intelligence to design the most appropriate customer centric strategies to activate plans within them.

Key results

A clear understanding of post-covid scenarios for the FMCG industry and the impact of these scenarios on their business.

A team that were equipped to build strategic plans which could be successfully sold into the customer meeting mutual KPIs.

Well-developed strategic plans that multiple team members and functions were able to feed in to. Ensuring that all opportunities and risks were explored across the business.

Let IGD guide you through your business planning process and
prepare for the post Covid-19 trading environment

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