IGD is renowned for bringing companies together to tackle industry issues. We apply these same skills to our solutions, ensuring we can help you create effective internal and external relationships across all commercial functions.

End-to-end supply chain

Better meet your customers’ needs by truly understanding the full supply chain. ‘Walk the supply chain’ in partnership with your customer and workshop improvements.


Gain first-hand experience of the challenges in driving on-shelf availability. Workshop the steps needed to create value across the supply chain.

Supply chain collaboration

Improve the engagement of your supply chain team with their customers. Assess your structure, people and management processes to identify training and development needs.


Create joined-up commercial plans and move to a position of evaluating performance and opportunities, understanding risks and creating contingency plans.


Create compelling joint business plans and learn how to evaluate their impact. Our expert team will take your team through every stage of the process.


Come together with your retailer and create a joint strategic plan that delivers for you both.

Meet the experts

Our teams’ approach is flexible to suit your needs, budget and business culture. We ensure that all programmes focus not only on delivery, but also on engaging, embedding and evaluating, every step of the way.