How P&G developed its teams’ digital capability across the end-to-end value chain

P&G Asia Middle East & Africa wanted to explore the ways in which digital activation can influence growth, from the point of purchase throughout the value chain. Our team of experts delivered a digital development package for the region’s ecommerce and customer supply chain teams. Each session was underpinned by our recognised research and training solutions.

Jigsaw with missing piece

The challenge

The industry is evolving, and shopper behaviours are changing due to COVID-19. In light of these changes, P&G wanted to ensure its teams had a clear understanding of the latest digital developments across the region, including how activation and implementation might be affected.

Each region needed a clear roadmap on how to achieve digital excellence across the whole value chain in their market.

The missing piece

The solution

Our experts delivered a bespoke programme of activity to develop the team’s knowledge and digital capability, including:

  • A self-assessment questionnaire so we could help P&G identify how it benchmarked against peers in specific markets and, ultimately, highlight priority areas of focus.
  • An interactive webinar that demonstrated best practice digital capability across the end-to-end value chain. Shopper and Supply Chain experts presented the session, revealing what good activation looks like. They included example from across the globe, covering the point of purchase and supply chains.
  • A customised digital excellence check list to track progress by market and embed their learnings

Key results

  • A well-equipped team with a strong understanding of how the industry is reacting to digital trends across the value chain.
  • A strong action plan and roadmap on how to achieve digital excellence across the value chain.
  • Above-average feedback score from participants in each session.