How Müller drove market growth and reduced its category reliance on promotions

Multinational dairy company, Müller, faced a tough retail landscape with shoppers spending less in the market, and a category reliant on promotions. IGD worked with Müller to identify category growth drivers it could use to engage retailers.

Jigsaw with missing piece

The challenge

Müller sought IGD’s support in developing an engaging category vision. And to identify category growth drivers and tactics for the business.

The missing piece

The solution

To help Müller move away from reactionary short-term activation to long term strategic drivers, IGD experts:

  • worked with Muller’s category and marketing teams and trained them on the best methods to develop actionable insights from data
  • designed and developed tools and templates to translate the business’s data into actionable insight
  • facilitated cross functional working sessions to identify priority drivers for the business
  • provided detailed insights from IGD’s research programme, to stimulate thinking and futureproof the vision

Key results

  • Developed long term strategic solutions, reducing the need for promotional activity
  • Category growth of 2% and client growth of 3%