Mars Wrigley

How Mars Wrigley Confectionery improved collaboration with its retail customers

Mars Wrigley Confectionery’s sales and marketing team realised it needed to become more customer centric. It sought a deeper understanding of its retail customers, from the shelf back.

Jigsaw with missing piece

The challenge

Mars Wrigley Confectionery’s aim was to deliver winning in-store execution by collaborating more effectively internally and externally.

The missing piece

The solution

IGD facilitated privileged access to Asda’s Slough store for a retail immersion session. This 1.5-day event took the Mars Wrigley Confectionery team in-store to give them first-hand insight, and:

  • improve their understanding of store processes and systems by putting themselves in the retailers’ position at store level
  • work the confectionery category, and others, to demonstrate the realities of ensuring on-shelf availability and excellent merchandising execution
  • help them experience how the confectionery category performed in areas including promotional compliance, online sales, shrinkage, and secondary packaging

The complete solution included pre-work and debriefing sessions, providing maximum value.


Key results

  • Clear action plans to improve packaging, branding initiatives, communication, and briefing of field sales teams
  • Deeper understanding of retail customers, the shopper, and the point of purchase
  • A stronger, more cohesive sales and marketing team dedicated to working more effectively with retail customers
  • Better communication with retail customers as a result of the team’s increased capability and confidence in using retail language