CCEP & Metro

How Coca-Cola and Metro improved their collaboration to generate profitable growth

Coca-Cola and Germany’s Metro Group realised they needed to enhance global understanding and activation of the top-to-top (T2T) strategy

Jigsaw with missing piece

The challenge

Coca-Cola and Metro wanted to improve the co-ordination and execution of global joint business plans (JBPs). Each market was interpreting and implementing them differently.

The missing piece

The solution

IGD and Coca-Cola co-designed a workshop to bring Metro and Coca-Cola’s global teams together. This gave participants inspiration from other markets, helping them to think creatively and collaboratively.

IGD experts facilitated the group sessions, which were held over three days in Gdansk, Poland. We created pre-reads and work to prepare participants and ensure a high-energy, productive workshop.


Key results

  • Alignment and common understanding of the T2T strategy, KPIs and JBP
  • Co-created plans between Metro and Coca-Cola colleagues
  • Clear definition of global and local teams’ roles in the plans
  • Stronger relationships and networks between markets, and between Coca-Cola and Metro