Uncovering shopper triggers and barriers to buying haircare online

Date : 01 March 2018

Client: A global beauty care manufacturer

The challenge:

The client is recognised for high levels of innovation and quality. They wanted to understand how people shop haircare categories online, and how best to maximise sales in this increasingly important channel. The objectives were:

  • To understand the opinions, motivations, barriers and triggers to purchasing haircare products online
  • To explore the shopper journey; how they decide which haircare products to buy online
  • To understand the influence of advertising, awards, pricing, product information and the impact of reviews
  • To understand the differences between online grocery retailers

How we helped:

  • We kicked off the research with 24 in-depth online accompanied shops with haircare shoppers to help us understand how haircare products are purchased online
  • An online survey was conducted among 1,000 shoppers who buy haircare products to more accurately size and profile the key shopper dispositions, and weight the importance of various influencing factors

The Outcome:

"The service and support received from IGD was great as the team were always happy to answer questions and go the extra mile when asked to deliver something to support us in and outside of this project"
- Quote from Category Manager working for the client



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