Saving shoppers time in c-stores

Date : 01 March 2018

Client: McColl’s, a UK convenience store chain

The challenge:

  • To explore the concept of time (value placed on time, c-stores vs other channels for time spent shopping)
  • How mission types differ by channel
  • How convenience is becoming a local hub beyond grocery

How we helped:

  • 1,811 online diary surveys – shoppers recorded each trip to a food and grocery store over a week. These covered all shopping trips to convenience stores and other channels including larger stores, online, food discount and variety discount
  • 300 shoppers took part, providing in-the-moment feedback on issues ranging from missions, time spent shopping vs travelling, satisfaction, categories purchased, levels of impulse purchasing and more…
  • Accompanied shopping trips, intercepts and observations – observing shopper behavior, intercepting shoppers in-store to ask key questions, and conducting interviews among pre-recruited shoppers as they shopped different convenience stores.

The outcome:

“We were delighted to work with IGD on this project. We believe that time is becoming an ever more important part of the value equation and IGD worked with our brief to help us really understand the shoppers’ view on how they value their time. Drawing on their own extensive shopper data, and some specially commissioned research, IGD were able to provide new insight to demonstrate why, in our increasingly time-pressured lives, the convenience channel is such an exciting growth opportunity. The feedback from our stakeholders has been very positive and this project has helped us to provide real thought leadership.”

Jonathan Miller, CEO, McColl’s



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