End-to-end commercial training programme

Date : 01 March 2018

Client: A global non-food supplier

The challenge

This company operates in a highly competitive category, and recent agreements with retailers called for different ways of working. They wanted to increase the commercial awareness of their customer-facing team and create a consistent approach to customer management.

How we helped

  • We identified the ideal way to sell for this company and the skills needed to achieve it
  • Working with a core team from the client, we defined the skills required for three levels of capability in selling to this category: foundation, intermediate and advanced
  • With the sponsor, we identified the key competency gaps across the client’s teams
  • We designed and delivered a two-day commercial workshop that was rolled out across the whole customer-facing team
  • We created tools to embed the learning from the workshop
  • An “immersion” session was delivered to senior line managers so they understood the training
  • A one-day workshop was delivered to line managers to embed the programme and enable them to coach direct reports

The outcome

  • All delegates moved at least one skill level higher compared to pre-workshop in both their line manager’s and their own assessment
  • Following the success of the training it’s been rolled out to teams across the company
  • The training that’s been delivered to date was part of a three-year learning and development plan we created for the client. Following the success of the first year, they are planning to implement the full plan



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