30 stores you should visit in 2020

Our team of researchers travel the world looking for innovative and exciting new store concepts. They publish their findings in detailed reports for subscribers to Retail Analysis

The stores below were chosen from over 1000 visited last year by our analysts. Each store was assessed using our R.E.D. framework:

R: Relevance

  • How the format works for the location and target shopper
  • How the format aligns to the shopping missions it’s aiming to capture
  • How the format delivers personalisation

E: Efficiency

  • How the store operating model supports the retailer’s economic model
  • How technologies used in-store make operations more efficient
  • The ecommerce fulfilment models being used

D: Differentiation

  • Does the store design create an immersive experience
  • The uniqueness of the product offer
  • How the store brings the company’s brand values to life

The locations of our top 30 stores for 2020

How you can learn from these innovative stores

Subscribers to Retail Analysis can read analysis of the top stores in the detailed report.


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