Explanation of food waste data reporting

Date : 13 July 2021

Identifying food surplus redistribution opportunities through existing reporting 

WRAP and UK food businesses have developed a common food surplus and waste reporting Data Capture Sheet which is available here.

It has been developed to ensure consistent approaches to measuring and reporting on food surplus and waste, through industry agreements such as The Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, the Courtauld Commitment and Champions 12.3.

The data captured here is likely to form the basis of mandatory food waste reporting which is currently under consultation.

This Data Capture Sheet is designed to be used for food waste reporting. However, following this process will also help you to identify opportunities to redistribute surplus food.

How to complete the data capture sheet

  • Guidance for measuring and reporting food waste and surplus can be found here, along with help on how to complete the Data Capture Sheet. 
  • A webinar recording talking you through how to complete the Data Capture Sheet can be found here
  • The Data Capture Sheet also has a Guidance tab with helpful information and links to assist with its completion.
  • Completing the Data Capture Sheet will require input from departments across your business: this data can also help identify redistribution opportunities.

Identifying redistribution opportunities

  • Collecting and compiling the data required for the Data Capture Sheet is an opportunity to discuss and review the issues that cause products to become surplus or waste.
  • Once you’ve collected data, you can review the information to identify where the greatest level of waste or surplus is occurring and identify food that is suitable for redistribution.
  • You also can partner with a food surplus redistribution organisation to identify surplus and opportunities for redistribution based on this information.
  • There is also an opportunity to move surplus that is currently being sent to animal feed or bio-based materials / biochemical processing up the food and drink waste hierarchy by sending it for redistribution or preventing it occurring in the first place.

food and drink material hierachy
Source: https://wrap.org.uk/resources/report/surplus-food-redistribution-uk-2015-2020

This information is supplied in partnership with WRAP