PepsiCo: Tropicana Whole Fruit increasing fibre in fruit juice

Date : 22 July 2019

Tropicana Whole Fruit, a new product created by PepsiCo, was created to address consumers not having their recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables and fibre.



Recognising that as many as two in three British adults aren’t managing to achieve the minimum recommended daily intake of fruit and veg - lack of convenience being one reason why - and only 10% achieve the recommended daily fibre intake of 30g, Tropicana Whole Fruit was designed to help address these challenges in a convenient offering.


Tropicana Whole Fruit delivers the equivalent of one portion of fruit and veg in a 150ml serving, which is the recommended serving size of fruit juice by Public Health England.

Fibre is normally lost during the juicing process, but using an innovative production process, Tropicana Whole Fruit retains more of the fruit fibre. The fibre-rich orange pith and apple pulp, which doesn’t usually make its way into juice, is blended in, resulting in a velvety smooth drink which is high in fibre. Whole Fruit contains over 50% more fibre than fruit juices and smoothies on average and provides 2.3g per 150ml.


Tropicana Whole Fruit is an innovative new addition to the juice category and is available in two variants – apple and orange. Packaged in 150ml bottles, Tropicana Whole Fruit provides one of your five a day in a convenient format which helps those who lead an on-the-go lifestyle and struggle to achieve their five portions of fruit and veg a day. The serving size also aligns to Public Health England’s recommended serving size for juice, thus helping consumers to easily manage their intake. It is also available in a multi-serve take home family bottle. Both formats are made from 50% recycled materials (rPET) and are widely recyclable.

The velvety-smooth texture contains more of the nutrition from the whole fruit and this is reflected in the ‘high fibre’ levels – 50% more fibre than fruit juices and smoothies on average. Whole Fruit Orange also provides 39% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.

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