Nestlé UK & Ireland: reducing salt in MAGGI Mashed Potato Flakes

Date : 03 April 2018

Nestlé UK & Ireland reformulated its MAGGI Mashed Potato Flakes as part of its ongoing commitment to improve the nutritional status of its products.


The reductions were made in line with the UK Governments’ Public Health Responsibility Deal 2017 Salt Reduction Targets and customer requirements.


Nestlé Professional gradually reduced the added salt in its MAGGI Mashed Potato Flakes. It was important that during the reformulation, neither energy nor saturated fat levels increased and that if possible they should be reduced. Equally, it was imperative that the quality and great taste of the mashed potato was at least maintained, and preferably, improved.


As part of the project, the ingredients within the Mashed Potato Flakes were reformulated: vegetable fat, lactose (from milk) and sodium caseinate (from milk) were removed from the product, reducing the number of ingredients used and resulting in a considerable reduction in fat and saturated fat.

The reformulated product was tested with customers using their equipment and clear make up instructions were developed as a result. From a taste perspective, a butter flavour was added to compensate for any flavour lost during the reformulation caused by the reduction in salt.

Sensory testing was then carried out with an external panel, which found the new reformulated product very similar in taste to the previous product.


Comparison of pre and post reformulation packaging showing front of pack nutrition labelling and claims

Maggi Mashed Potato Flakes front of pack comparison

Nestlé’s reformulation project has been a success:

  • There is no impact on shelf life for the reformulated product
  • Both fat and saturated fat were reduced by around 75%
  • Salt has reduced by over 16%
  • The total number of ingredients has decreased
  • Front of pack nutrition hybrid labelling scheme including colour coding was implemented
  • Low fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar levels were maintained

The reformulated product has now been launched and there has been no impact on sales as a result of the reformulation. Nestlé carried out a ‘silent launch’ of the reformulated product as they were not specifically targeting new consumers. However, the new packaging highlights the fact that it meets the 2017 Salt Reduction Targets on the front of pack.

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