Our school workshops are now being delivered virtually to students via our digital schools programme and we’d love for you to take part!

Our school workshops programme brings industry professionals into schools to inspire and educate students about the world of work.

These two-hour workshops provide:

  • industry professionals throughout the food and grocery supply chain with the opportunity to connect with young people and share their passion for work
  • year 9 and sixth form students with guidance on the skills needed in the workplace and insight into the variety of jobs available in the food and grocery supply chain.

All our workshops are run by experienced facilitators and provide a setting for volunteers to informally share insight into their job, their experiences of work life and the skills they use.

Sessions consist of small group discussions and activities set by the facilitator - no advance preparation is required from industry professionals.


"I have three older children and I know how difficult it can be to make the transition from education into the world of work. Volunteering doesn't take up too much time and it's very rewarding to know you're helping young people make that transition."

Mike Smith, Operations Learning and Development Manager, Brakes


About Volunteering

Our workshops take place in secondary schools over all the UK. Find out more about volunteering at a workshop near you.

Making an impact

Find out more about the impact of our school programmes and how you can spread the word.

STEM initiatives

Food science summer schools and STEM workshops helps develop students’ skills and informs them about the diverse applications of STEM in the industry.

Employability and skills research

Our Bridging the Skills Gap report brings together the views of education and industry to highlight the current and future skills gap we face.

Volunteer for Feeding Britain’s Future

Volunteering takes no preparation, register your interest here.