EU exit
EU exit

IGD has a central team working on EU Exit (Brexit) issues in liaison with industry and government. Through this team, we provide a range of information and services to help businesses prepare for a new relationship with Europe and other trading partners.

Gathering intelligence

As well as regularly tracking shopper attitudes towards the impact of leaving the EU, we liaise with government, trade associations and businesses to understand how our new relationship with Europe will impact the food and consumer goods industry.

Helping companies to prepare

We help companies prepare for a new relationship with Europe through our series of informative articles, conference calls and webinars. We also support the EU Exit Food Hub, an FAQ website produced in partnership with over 30 organisations.

Contingency planning

Changes to how we trade with the European Union could disrupt supply chains. We work with industry to support effective dialogue with government in a crisis, including through our membership of the Defra Food Resilience Industry Forum and the Food Chain Emergency Liaison Group.

Post-EU-Exit thinking

We support the food and consumer goods industry in preparing for the future, including planning for different scenarios, advice on boosting productivity and skills and understanding future trade priorities.