New IGD eBook | COVID-19: A Retrospective

Date : 04 August 2020

In this eBook - available in both PDF and eReader versions - we document how the UK food and consumer goods industry responded in the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, and reflect on what we can learn to help us respond to any future shocks to supply chain

The months ahead will continue to be challenging for the food and consumer goods industry. The threat of COVID-19 remains, we are facing a deep recession, and at the beginning of next year we will be adapting to a new relationship with the EU. As an industry, we must reflect on what has happened over the last few weeks and months and ensure we take those learnings into the future challenges that lie ahead.

Download your copy to read:

  • Thoughts from industry leaders on the impact of COVID-19
  • How industry and government collaboration helped us successfully navigate this crisis
  • A detailed timeline of COVID-19-related events as they unfolded

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