IGD - 2021 Social Impact

Social Impact


We’ve been using our purpose to drive change

and make a tangible difference to society,

uniting and inspiring the food and consumer

goods industry to mobilise it as...

a force for good.

In 2021 around

4,800 companies

engaged with us

to deliver Social Impact

demonstrating that the need for tangible,

positive change is embedded in our

industry’s DNA.

We use our unique position to convene

stakeholders across the whole food and

consumer goods supply chain, to

influence change

across 4 key areas

people health sustainability economics

And that means that there are many

groups across our network to thank for

their contributions in helping us to make

this tangible difference in 2021.

Let’s find out what

we all achieved…

Engaging with

industry &

Our industry advisory groups and networks

are critical in guiding our work and enabling

businesses to partner with us to deliver

Social Impact.

of key stakeholders agree

our working group meetings

are relevant to them.

One highlight was our ongoing

engagement with the

National Food

Strategy Team,

led by Henry Dimbleby,

where IGD featured in the final report

recommendations, published in July.

We continued to grow and

strengthen our relationships

with other critical stakeholders.

We’ve been a key player in

many of Defra’s official forums

and built influence with

government departments.

Key industry bodies we

work alongside include...

We support better strategic

planning and decision-making, for

the benefit of consumers.


business leaders engaged with

our content in 2021

95% of key stakeholders agree the insight helps

them make more informed decisions

Our Economics Bulletin

goes from strength to strength,

with an organically grown

base now at

3,387 subscribers

We launched a new

series of quarterly

flagship reports;

Viewpoint from IGD.

In 2021, we published three deeper dives into

big issues impacting our industry and produced

a series of Spotlight editions on specific topics,

including the labour market and the impact of

inflationary pressures on food and consumer

goods businesses.

We work to attract great people

into the entire workforce, ensuring

they continue to develop, grow,

and create an inclusive culture

where everyone thrives.

We focus on giving

young people opportunities

to develop their


and life skills,

building the knowledge and skills

of food and consumer goods

industry colleagues.

We delivered


of social-economic value

across all our people programmes.


We trained


young people

through our employability

programmes in 2021.

95% of participants agreed this

helped develop their employability skills.

Free Learning

We increased our learning hours

through a simplified offer and targeted

engagement with our industry’s learning

and development community.

We delivered


free learning hours to industry

colleagues in 2021.

91% of participants agreeing

the programmes contributed to

their personal development.

We ran our

New to Industry

course twice,

to support people who have recently joined.

We also launched

new structured



aimed at line managers, mid-tier commercial

and supply chain managers.

Inclusion & Diversity

We continue to embed

inclusion and diversity in

everything we do for a

workforce where everyone can


We launched a successful


mentoring programme

to support industry leaders,

to champion inclusion,

and drive positive

cultural change.

We created

17 mentoring


from 9 companies

We conducted extensive

research into the status of

inclusion and diversity in

the industry.

Partnering with recruitment specialist

MBS to benchmark progress since 2019

in a new report, Inclusion and Diversity
in Consumer Goods and Grocery

Our ambition is to make healthy and

sustainable diets easy for everyone,

by leading industry collaborations and

building greater knowledge of what

really works.

of the key stakeholders agree...

that we’re taking a

leading role in shifting

consumer behaviour



and more

sustainable diets.

We are



to test strategies in

real-life settings.

Working with our partners at the

University of Leeds and more

than 20 leading organisations.

Interim results from our first trial

with Sainsburys showed a

78% uplift

in promoted fruit and veg sales

when prices are reduced.


Further trials are in progress with five

major retailers in the UK.

Our ambition is to accelerate progress

towards a sustainable food system.


We focus on mobilising the industry to

to tackle climate change, reduce food waste,

increase food surplus redistribution and develop

develop sustainable packaging systems.

tonnes of food


£365 million

saved from waste.

Our IGD-WRAP Food Waste Reduction

Roadmap, with data from more than 200

signatories, shows a 17% reduction in food

waste tonnage.

We have a new

Food Surplus



Hosting a set of online practical tools to aid urgent

action in businesses and increase food redistribution.

We have created a new, shared ambition to

the environmental impacts

of all packaging systems by 2030.

We’ve made a brand new guide to

help the food and consumer goods

industry take steps towards

In partnership with climate solutions expert South Pole.

We kicked off a new workstream on

Developing a scheme that will provide consistent

and transparent information for consumers.

We'd like

to say a big



To everyone who has

invested in IGD, all of our

industry advisory groups,

networks, project groups,


and of course,

the team here at IGD,

who have all helped to

make such a tangible

difference in 2021.

And, in 2022 we

will be driving even

harder for progress.

We would love even more

of you to join us in driving

long-term, positive

Social Impact.

Inspired to find out more?


We’d love to

hear from you

[email protected]

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