Coronavirus (COVID-19): suppliers’ responses to help fight the pandemic

Maxime Delacour
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 19 March 2020

Suppliers are reacting quickly to support health and medical services fight the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as well as helping provide shoppers with products that help them too.

LVMH to produce hand sanitiser free of charge for hospitals

Due to the shortage of hand sanitiser gel in France, LVMH CEO, Bernard Arnault, has asked the group’s health and beauty factories to start producing hand sanitiser. Production started on Monday 16 March at three factories in France. This is a way to keep factories open and continue to provide work for employees. The gel will be provided free of charge to hospitals across France and more broadly in other European countries, where there are shortages.

This is a very interesting and supportive move from LVMH. The decision was taken very quickly and it is expected the gel won’t bear any brand name. This shows of how agile a global company can be in crisis situations.

Brewdog starts using one of its distilleries to produce hand sanitizer

Another great example of a company reacting quickly and keen to help people fight the pandemic is Brewdog. The Scottish brewery announced one of its distilleries in Scotland is now producing hand sanitiser gel. The product is called Brewgel Punk Sanitiser and is sold in-stores across the UK.

This is a positive example of a company not afraid to move into a new category, where they have no experience to help others.

Jumia announces partnership with Reckitt Benckiser

Jumia, one of the leading ecommerce platforms in Africa, has announced a partnership with Reckitt Benckiser. The new partnership aims at providing shoppers with access to hygienic products at low costs.

This will enable a steady supply of many hygiene products, including soap and disinfectant, at affordable prices. Jumia said it will take no commission on branded products, such as Dettol, JIK and Harpic and reinvest the commission to discount prices. Reckitt Benckiser will provide free delivery nationwide on selected items in the countries where Jumia operates.

Products are available to shoppers via the Jumia website, on the page called “Stay safe”, which is co-owned with Reckitt Benckiser. The page also provides important information related to coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to put in strategies to ward against it.

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