Shoppers of Our Time: a snapshot

A new approach from IGD ShopperVista, following the lives and experiences of thirty diverse British households for the next two years…

How do shoppers of 2020 compare to those of 2008?

With the UK again on the brink of recession, our ShopperVista team has compared shoppers of 2008 and 2020. In many ways, this year’s different circumstances are putting different strains on shoppers. 

20 September 2017
Rhian Thomas, shopper insight manager at IGD, is speaking at and chairing a session at the Food Matters Live event on 23 November. Rhian has over a decade of experience in market and social research, gained in the public and retail sectors. She leads our shopper research on food-to-go for IGD’s ShopperVista service, alongside managing customised research projects. The food-to-go sec...
20 September 2017
Michael Freedman, senior shopper insight manager at IGD, is speaking at the Food Matters Live event on 21 November. Michael has over 20 years’ experience in managing and carrying out qualitative and quantitative research projects. He helps retailers and suppliers develop sustainable, successful strategies by better understanding shoppers’ attitudes and behaviours. He’s an experienced prese...
14 August 2017
Download our food-to-go forecast infographic here. DOWNLOAD PDF HERE Shopper FOR REGULAR UPDATES SIGN UP Food-to-Go Conference 2017 7 November 2017, London Benefit your business - whether you’re fully-fledged in food-to-go or about to get going, attend the event that serves up learning you can actually action. Book now ...
02 August 2017
As schools break up for the summer, research from IGD has revealed the difference in shoppers’ traditional shopping behaviours as they make changes to accommodate their children being home during the day.  The majority of shoppers with children (60%) claim they change their shopping habits during the summer months. Whether it’s opting for a big weekly shop to avoid going in-store freque...
23 June 2017
Shoppers are showing an interest in voice-activated technology to make their food and grocery purchases from home. Three in 10 (28%) shoppers claim to be interested in using a voice-activated device at home to add food or grocery items to their online basket in the future, according to our new research. This ‘conversational commerce’ is just one way shoppers are looking to innovate in the wa...
20 June 2017
Post-millennials are extremely engaged with the food-to-go market, according to our latest report into this highly influential generation. Not only are 18-25-year-olds shopping more for food-to-go than older shoppers, but they’re particularly interested in ranges that meet specialist dietary requirements. Our research on post-millennials refers to 18-25-year-olds born between 1992 and 199...
26 April 2017
Post-millennial shoppers (those born between 1992 and 1999) are set to shape the future of the food and grocery industry. Download our free insight on the youngest generation of shoppers below. DOWNLOAD THE REPORT SHOPPER INSIGHT FOR REGULAR UPDATES SIGN UP  
08 March 2017
Find out about food price expectations, perceptions around promotions, the evening meal mission and how shoppers are open to new and different. Download infographic as PDF Download infographic as PDF Don’t subscribe to IGD ShopperVista? Request a free demo of this insight service. SHOPPER FOR REGULAR UPDATES SIGN UP
19 September 2016
Find out the latest on food-to-go shoppers: what they buy, when they buy it and how much they spend. Download our infographic here. Download INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF Download INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF Shopper FOR REGULAR UPDATES SIGN UP
09 August 2016
Our recently released food-to-go market forecasts predict that by 2021 the market will be worth £21.7bn, compared to £15.1bn in 2015. IGD Shopper Insights Manager Rhian Thomas investigates how the way in which shoppers shop for, and consume, food and drink is changing and driving this growth. Our ShopperVista data shows that shoppers claim to be shopping 26 times a month on average. ...
Eating Well and Eating Out?

One-third (31%) of consumers would eat out more if healthier options were more readily available says our research. Interest in healthy eating is on the rise and so is eating out. Our research explores the links between these trends and the commercial opportunities for food and drink companies. 

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