Shoppers of Our Time: a snapshot

A new approach from IGD ShopperVista, following the lives and experiences of thirty diverse British households for the next two years…

How do shoppers of 2020 compare to those of 2008?

With the UK again on the brink of recession, our ShopperVista team has compared shoppers of 2008 and 2020. In many ways, this year’s different circumstances are putting different strains on shoppers. 

04 March 2019
Shoppers’ needs and expectations are evolving, and so are retailers as the market becomes more competitive. Here are some common challenges that category managers will face, with tips on how to meet them.  1. Differentiation: give shoppers a good reason to choose the store  Shoppers will need more than just low prices and a convenient location to attract them. Differentiation must be a ke...
19 July 2018
Rhian reveals why food-to-go is one of the most dynamic channels in today’s grocery market. There’s immense variety and innovation in both products and outlets Retailers are expanding and evolving their ranges; new food halls are popping up and specialists are entering the market. We’re also seeing the emergence of different partnerships bringing food-to-go solutions to new locations an...
25 June 2018
We brought together a range of retailers, suppliers and specialists at our Category Management and Shopper Marketing Summit last week. Here’s what we learnt. 1.    Consider how you can deepen and broaden relationships with retailers Both retailers and suppliers highlighted the significance of relationships. For Mondelez, working differently with retailers was the most important learning...
21 June 2018
What do shoppers of the future want and how will they behave? Vanessa considers what shoppers will look like and why it’s important to start getting ready for them now. We’re in an incredible period of change in our industry There are so many influences to consider – digital and online, Brexit, the changing structure of grocery channels and shoppers’ evolving needs. This is the reason w...
02 May 2018
How do you find true insight? What’s the one thing you need to know about category management? What are the top trends and challenges right now? Discover the answers with Simon Attfield, our category insight manager. Uncovering true insight is the major issue Although we have access to a lot of data in our industry, many companies are struggling to get real business value from it. Often...
22 March 2018
A large proportion of shoppers are buying food-to-go as part or all of an evening meal, we've found. Rhian Thomas, our head of shopper insight, examines the opportunities this generates for suppliers and retailers. Food-to-go appeals as part of an evening meal Six out of ten food-to-go shoppers (61%) have bought food-to-go as part or all of an evening meal over the last four weeks. What...
09 February 2018
With more space available in larger stores there are more opportunities for dual location of your products and POS at the shelf.   Find out how you can most effectively influence shoppers in larger stores to drive sales for your business with our free report from ShopperVista.  DOWNLOAD THE REPORT SHOPPER FOR REGULAR UPDATES SIGN UP
22 January 2018
The more ‘connected’ shoppers are, the more complex the path-to-purchase becomes. Use this free report from ShopperVista to unpick the grocery eCommerce shopper journey to engage with this growing base of shoppers. DOWNLOAD THE REPORT SHOPPER FOR REGULAR UPDATES SIGN UP
20 December 2017
Stay up to date with the different missions shopper are completing across different channels. DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF SHOPPER FOR REGULAR UPDATES SIGN UP
27 September 2017
This month we explore shopping missions and the importance of brands in Aldi and Lidl DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF SHOPPER FOR REGULAR UPDATES SIGN UP
Eating Well and Eating Out?

One-third (31%) of consumers would eat out more if healthier options were more readily available says our research. Interest in healthy eating is on the rise and so is eating out. Our research explores the links between these trends and the commercial opportunities for food and drink companies. 

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