See IGD’s global trend predictions for 2018 in action

Date : 04 December 2017

We expect five key trends to shape global retailing over the next year, and beyond. Toby Pickard, our senior innovation and trends analyst, reveals where each trend is already making an impact.

Premiumisation of private label

Walmart’s business has launched a range of premium private label products called Uniquely J. The initial range of around 60 products spans core consumable categories.

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Becoming hyperlocal

Albert Heijn, in the Netherlands, is tailoring stores to regional preferences. Those in the east of the country have a larger range of pork products, while in the west the emphasis is on beef and organic meat.

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Source: IGD Research

Delivering the goods

Wheelys’ Moby Mart, in China, is one of a growing number of stores with neither staff nor checkouts. However, this concept is unique in that it is designed to eventually drive itself to a warehouse to restock, and drive to a customer to make a delivery.

Leading in lifestyle

Tesco and Spoon Guru, in the UK, have partnered to create an app that helps customers with specific diets and tastes to quickly and easily find suitable foods.

Source: Spoon Guru

Fulfilling stores

In China, Alibaba’s Hema Fresh stores are a hybrid of online and offline retail and foodservice. Shoppers can have fresh foods cooked for them in-store, or have products picked from the store and delivered within half an hour if they live within a 3km radius.

Images source: IGD Research

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