Helping shoppers achieve healthy eating priorities

Date : 08 February 2018

Our research reveals that 85% of shoppers are making some attempt to improve their diets throughout the year. We found 10% of shoppers say eating more protein is one of their healthy eating priorities while 38% say it’s reducing sugar intake*.

Retail analysts Laura and Maddie look at how retailers and suppliers have been responding to these shopper needs as we start 2018.

Reducing sugar in food and drinks

  • Germany’s Rewe Group will add 100 reduced-sugar private label products to its ranges this year. It’s also allowed customers to determine some products’ sugar content, via an online vote in January
  • Kellogg’s is commited to reformulating its products to cut sugar content
  • Coca-Cola plans to use smaller bottles rather than alter its recipe

Packing products with protein

  • Superdrug’s new private label range, Some Body, comprises protein-enhanced foods and drinks. Its pastel-coloured packaging and on-trend flavours will appeal to younger, female shoppers
  • Lidl added protein products to its weekly promotional deals at the end of 2017. These included protein coffee and a ‘healthy’ version of chocolate nut spread. It started displaying protein powders by the checkouts in January
  • Snack company Graze started the new year by adding four protein-based ranges. Its Jumpstarting January campaign encouraged UK commuters to try the new products, handing out samples throughout the month

* Source: IGD ShopperVista, 1,721 British grocery shoppers, Apr’17
Images source: retailer websites, IGD store visits

Healthy living research

We examine how retailers and suppliers are helping shoppers lead healthier lifestyles at the start of the New Year. Retail Analysis subscribers can see our full healthy living research here ».

Laura Jacobson

Laura Jacobson

Strategic Senior Retail Analyst

Maddie Malone

Maddie Malone

Research Analyst




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