Four innovations from Asia that are shaping the future of our industry

Date : 24 October 2017

To inspire you, we’ve picked four of the most interesting and original innovations from this rapidly-developing region.

Online + offline + foodservice = Hema Fresh (China)

Hema Fresh shows how ecommerce is transforming grocery shopping. Stores act as fulfilment centres for the Hema app, so online shoppers can have their orders delivered within half an hour if they live within 3km of the store. They can also have their order cooked on-site and dine in the store. We expect to see more stores like this in Asia, as shopper missions evolve.

Gourmet pet food in Tops Market (Thailand)

Tops Market has created a fine-dining section – for pets. It showcases wet food for cats and dogs; there’s a dog kennel to display snacks and a chiller section containing fresh ‘cakes for dogs’. Lively pictures of pets, and unique product ranges, engage shoppers with a category that can be unexciting.

Rustan’s sticker collection (Philippines)

Rustan’s has made its sticker collection scheme into a yearly event. It’s a simple idea yet is effective at driving footfall and inspiring loyalty. Shoppers collect one sticker for every P300 (US$ 0.17) spent and receive a soft toy when they’ve filled the card with 50 stickers. The campaign is targeted at mums, helping them teach children about healthy eating.

Lawson’s collaboration with ecommerce titans (Japan and China)

Convenience retailer Lawson is working with ecommerce giants like Rakuten and Alipay to accelerate its multichannel strategy. Alipay users can now build up and redeem points in Lawson stores in China and Japan. This is one of the biggest cross-border collaborations between an offline retailer and ecommerce operator in Asia. Lawson gains invaluable data and insight to help it tailor its products and services more effectively.

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