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28 January - 6 February
Multiple venues

Resilience is the path to happiness
Join certified Happiness Coach Steph Peltier to discover tools and techniques to manage stress, build resilience and ultimately live a happier life.  Expect science-backed tools that give immediate results and are realistic to include in your busy life.

12 February 2019 | 12.00pm

Understand what category managers do and how category management can support your role.

5 March 2019 | 12.00pm

Creating productive connections
Join Deborah Hulme, Founder of Minerva Engagement, to explore the roles relationships and social connections play in improving performance and productivity.

3 April 2019 | 12.00pm

Join executive coach and training consultant Sue Blight to gain a reflection framework and hints and tips on how to fit reflection in with a busy work schedule.

30 April - 9 May
Multiple venues

Improve productivity and performance

Join Deborah Hulme, Founder of Minerva Engagement, and explore how understanding mindset and behaviour will fuel more productive ways of working, greater innovation and heightened agility, enabling organisations to thrive during times of uncertainty. 

15 May 2019 | 12.00pm

Learn how to improve your business performance by making your stakeholders your most loyal fans.

Boost your development and grow your network by joining this award-winning, cross-company mentoring programme for people working in supply chain, logistics and distribution.

Learn the industry basics with this free blended learning programme.

Free online video, infographics and tools.

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