Virtual workshops

16-17-18 Mar | 18-19-20 May | 
19-20-21 Jul | 13-14-15 Sept

Through this virtual workshop, you will learn how to use category management to build meaningful relationships with your retailers in a changing landscape. Ideal for those that are new to category management.

24-25-26 Feb | 18-19-20 May |
19-20-21 Jul | 12-13-14 Oct

Develop your category management techniques and learn to build better proposals in this virtual workshop. If you have previously attended our Successful Category Management training session, then this is the ideal next step in your learning journey.

24-25-26 Feb | 07-08-09 Jun |
12-13-14 Oct

Understand what category leadership is and what you should embed into your strategic thinking and category development. This virtual class is ideal for experienced category managers who want to lead the category agenda.

16-17-18 Mar | 21-22-23 Jun |
27-28-29 Sept

How can you better align your shopper activation with what shoppers want now and in the future? Our brand new virtual workshop will give you the insight and tools you need to ensure your shopper activation is successful

25-26-27 Jan | 22-23-24 Mar |
21-22-23 Jun

What are the biggest drivers of growth in online shopping? This virtual training session will guide you through the process of optimising the online shopping experience. Ideal for anyone looking to grow their knowledge in ecommerce.

25-26-27 May | 13-14-15 Sept

An interactive virtual workshop that will take you through the ideal process of converting reams of data into meaningful insights. It’s a great way to build your confidence to deliver insight-led recommendations.

Face-to-face workshops

If you would prefer a face to face experience, IGD can develop a training package tailored to your business’s needs. Get in touch with [email protected] to find out more.

Free online video, infographics and tools.

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