How to use insight to create a compelling sell-in deck

Date : 20 June 2018

Get top tips on preparing for a sell-in with your buyer in this recording of our latest webinar with IGD Commercial Capability Manager Ray Leung.

  • Find out how to tailor the story to your audience
  • Learn a practical framework for developing your storyline with the 5 Cs
  • Understand the difference between data and insight and the power of “why?”
  • Hear answers to the most common challenges and questions posed by listeners

Follow up Q&A 

Ray provides tips on creating slides, building rapport with buyers, managing multiple audience types and more in this post-webinar Q&A.

View the recording below or download the transcribed questions here.

Question times for reference:

00:14 What should I do if my audience wants to jump straight to the insight?
01:08 How should I tailor my deck if I am working with a new buyer?
02:28 Are there any no-nos when presenting insight?
03:20 What tips do you have for presenting to an unfamiliar audience?
04:35 What advice do you have for designing engaging slides?
05:35 What is the relationship between an insight and a recommendation?
06:26 How do I get to the Current Situation of the 5Cs if I am trying to win new business and don’t have budget to buy data?
07:53 What is the difference between insight and foresight?
09:22 How many slides should I have in my deck?
10:22 How can I encourage my buyer to tell me what is on their mind without firing lots of questions at them?
11:36 My audience includes both analytical and conceptual people. How can I build a deck that is effective for both types?
12:51 How do I ensure my story comes across if I have to submit my deck in advance as a pre-read?
14:00 Should I position a summary of my key insights at the start or end of my deck?
15:19 Should I include the “whys” to show where the insight has come from?
16:05 How should I close my presentation?


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